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The Box is excited to be back with an all-new summer season of improv, where our resident improv teams offer a variety of styles and themes. Get glad and grab a ticket. Saturdays* this summer, 7:30pm $10

June 15 Improvaholics, Your Middle Child and The Lightbulb Society
June 22 Alpaca Suitcase, Dear Aunt Gertrude, and The Lightbulb Society
June 29 Improvaholics, Your Middle Child, and Dear Aunt Gertrude
July 6 Dear Aunt Gertrude and Alpaca Suitcase
July 13 No show at The Box but come see us at The Sarasota Improv Festival!
July 20 Your Middle Child and Alpaca Suitcase
July 27 Improvaholics and The Lightbulb Society



The Love Show, an Improv Show 2019

love show 2019 (8)

This heart-throbbing season, Dear Aunt Gertrude is excited to bring back “The Love Show,” an improv show for everyone — no matter your relationship status. This show explores the truth and comedy of singleness, finding and losing love, and countless audience inspired scenarios of how love can show up in the most unlikely places. Grab your bestie for a ladies night out or woo your boo with laughter, as the Dear Aunt Gertrude ensemble brings you a unique evening chock full of laughs all about love — never to be seen again.

February 14,15,16
$10 Seating is Limited  https://boximprov.ticketspice.com/the-love-show-an-improv-show

Opening Improv Teams Include

IMG_1378 2Daytime DelusionsRegional Champions of The College Improv Tournament from  Improv @USF-set to compete at Nationals in Chicago later this year. Feb 14


IMG_1366 3

Alpaca Suitcase-A resident Box Team since 2011. Alpaca suitcase will feature guest players from additional Box teams including Your Middle Child and Improvaholics. Feb 15



51398888_250990922502188_3730216076244418560_n (1)CJ and Becca-CJ and Becca are local celebs, known throughout Tampa Bay for bringing laughs to the stage in their solo acts on many standup stages, together, they will hit The Box stage as an Improv dynamic duo. Feb 16

The Box Improv Studio
2240 University Square Mall Unit 374, Tampa, FL 33612

Parking: From Fowler Avenue, Park between Dillards and Sears. Enter the Main Mall Entrance at Famous Footwear and walk straight back. The Box is on the left right before Burlington Coat Factory.

Check out this video for a better view.

“The Box, Tampa, and Me”

By David Wheeler

Can I be real with you for a second?
Like, really real?
Okay, good.

About three years ago, I moved here from Kentucky to be a professor at the University of Tampa. And I love the job. I also love the sunshine, the palm trees, the Spanish moss that grows on southern live oaks, and the manager’s special at Jason’s Deli on Fowler. I’m a man of simple pleasures.

But something was missing.

My people. My group. My collaborative mission. And a goal to work toward with this group. Where would I find such a thing?

Enter The Box, stage right. Never in a million theater seasons would I have imagined that improvisational comedy would be the missing ingredient in my Tampa life, but it surely was. Turns out I fit in well with creative types who like to perform. And I’m starting to realize that the lessons you learn in improv class are equally applicable to daily life. These life lessons come from my fabulous Box instructors (in chronological order of when they taught me): Michele, Alain, Paulie, Crystal, Rebecca, and Andrew.

Give yourself a challenge.

In the middle of my first performance in my Level 1 student showcase, I was pretending to be a DJ at a radio station. But there was no conflict, no tension, no pressure in the scene. Only after leaving the stage did I remember that I could have given myself a challenge — for example, pretending that I got a call from the station manager saying this was our last day on the air. What would I do if it was my last day on the air? In a way, improv is like embodying the advice about “living every day like it’s your last.” The Box helps me remember to challenge myself.

Be more specific.

I’m always telling my students to be more specific in the papers and articles they write for my class. But how often in our daily lives do we remember to be specific? How often, in the stories we tell people, do we remember to add the “telling detail”? In one of our classes, Crystal gave a great example. If you’re on stage, you can hold up a cupped hand and say, “Look at this!” Or you can hold up a cupped hand and say, “Look at this one-eyed toad!” Only one of those spurs a flood of creativity. Specificity encourages creativity.

You can never “yes and” too much.

The Box also taught me what Jim Carrey’s character from “Yes Man,” has known since 2008: Saying “yes” to opportunities leads to an infinitely more creative life, with untold opportunities for growth. This tenet of improv is one reason why this form of comedy works with my personality more than other forms. Because it’s about teamwork. It’s about building something together. It’s about making each other look good. It’s about the community more than the individual.

One time my classmate Taylor constructively pointed out when I’d negated my classmate Anne in a scene. I didn’t even realize I had done it. But once it was pointed out to me, I made a conscious effort to say “yes” to new assertions as they arose. I made sure to accept — and add to — what my teammates gave me. That’s also not a bad way to live your life.

David Wheeler


David Wheeler is a journalism professor at The University of Tampa and a frequent contributor to CNN and The Atlantic. Follow him on Twitter @WheelerWorkshop.