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 An Overview

for everyoneIf you’re a big fan of watching , it’s time you got into the act! Get ready to have a blast! There are guidelines that can direct the performer towards success.  These classes offer an array of skills that include supporting others, character work, listening, teamwork, story building, scene work, and the basic elements of comedy.  At The Box, students will learn these fundamentals of acting in a supportive, fun-loving and nurturing environment.


IMPROV FOR EVERYONE-LEVEL I Instructor-Crystal Haralambou
Age 18 and up
6 weeks.  $199
August 22,29, Sept 5,12,19, 26
Tuesdays 6:30-8:15pm

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THE SCENE FROM THE INSIDE OUT-LEVEL II –Instructor-Paulie Vee Age 18 and up
6 Weeks, $199
October 7,14,21,28 Nov 4, 11
Pre-requisite-Improv For Everyone or Instructor Approval

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Level III Glimmers of The Game

GLIMMERS OF THE GAME-LEVEL III* Instructor-Darryl Knapp and Michael Soviero
Age 18 and up
8 weeks $250,
Pre-requisites-Level I &II

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Billy and Brad 1Introducing Longform LEVEL IV* – Instructor-Crystal Haralambou

Age 18 and up

TBA 8 weeks $250
Instructor Approval Required
Pre-requisites are Improv Level I, II &III TBA


Copy of Finding Your Voice- A Storytelling Workshop (6).png


If you like being around positive people who like to have fun, then this is a great place to meet new friends who share your taste in comedy. In addition to a healthy dose of laughter you’ll also get your exercise, because improv class involves physical activities, group games, and scenic elements. Come  discover the quick wit and hilarity of improvisation.  Hone your performance skills, learn to trust your teammates and instincts, and feel totally confident on stage. Come explore just what makes some people so hilarious and unleash your funny side.
Adult Improv I-An Introduction to Improvisation*
Adult Improv II-Focuses on character and scene work.
Adult Improv III-Focuses on pattern, game, and performance.
Adult Improv IV-Longform Improvisation*
Adult Improv V-Performance Group Coaching* (Audition only)
*Offered this fall depending on interest and enrollment.
2 day improv intensive with David Razowsky
Friday, 8/11/17, 10am-5pm, Sharpen Your Point-of-View
Saturday, 8/12/17, 10am-5pm, Seeing the First Step is the First Step
We are thrilled to host David Razowsky for a 2 day Improv Intensive. Click the image for registration and more information.

14 thoughts on “Improv Class Schedule

  1. This is exactly what I’d love to join as soon as I get to Sarasota (driving to Tampa is no problem at all). Will you be having any Level 1 classes in May? If not, when would your next entry level class start? Thanks a lot!

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