“And, scene…” The Box Theater closes.

As a result of a worldwide pandemic, The Box Theater of Tampa Bay, like many theatres, has faced the bleak reality that social distancing and mandatory quarantine conditions make it impossible to continue. For over 11 years, this Tampa center of creativity has provided the venue, training programs, and moral support that enabled improv performers, directors, students and teachers to hone their craft. Judging from the reviews and loyal audiences over the years, The Box, no doubt, has contributed to the creative landscape of Tampa Bay and the artistic legacy of this city

The Box was a community in the truest sense. People were not only connected to this space but also, and more importantly, they were connected to one another. In that respect, the improv community will survive. Artists are encouraged and empowered to continue the work that was started here.

The values of The Box went well beyond the stage.  In many ways, they are universal and can be applied to many aspects of life, including the application to the modern marketplace. Though The Box is closing, applied improvisation training will continue in corporate and virtual settings.

The Box would like to publicly thank The Underground and The University Mall for providing affordable spaces for us, as artists, when it seemed there was none to be found.

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