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Register for Finding Your Voice: A Storytelling Course

6-Week Course Thursdays from 7-9pm Space is limited

PLEASE NOTE THIS CLASS IS OFFSITE AT The Bryan Glazer Family JCC (Ross Meeting Rooms 2 &3) 522 N Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606

No matter who you are or where you come, there’s one thing each and every one of us has in common: We all have a story to tell. The truth is that we’re hard-wired for human connection, and the act of sharing our stories—and listening to others—is exactly how we do that. This six-week workshop will delve into the most important components of rich, authentic storytelling. We’ll explore how to:

  • Identify your stories and uncover which ones to tell.
  • Construct cohesive stories that are also emotionally impactful.
  • Find your voice (literally) and command a stage.
  • Use your stories to connect and resonate with an audience.
  • Find your voice in storytelling, critiquing and public speaking

This workshop culminates with an end-of-session performance to celebrate what we’ve learned.

What’s your story? We want to help you tell it.

The Box is thrilled to have Jessica Meszaros onboard to teach our Storytelling Elective this season. Jessica Meszaros is an award-winning radio journalist, and creative non-fiction writer in Tampa.

Details about the class

Class is from 6:30-8:30pm

March 26 JCC Ross Room 2&3

April 2 JCC Ross Room 2&3

April 9 JCC Ross Room 2&3

April 16 JCC Ross Room 2&3

April 23 In preparation for The Final Showcase-This class will meet at The Box Improv Studio (please see more info below)

April 30 JCC Ross Room 2&3

May 1 SHOWCASE at The Box


We ask that all students plan to participate in the final showcase. The Student Showcase is set for Friday, May 1, 7-9pm at-The Box Theater Improv Studio 2240 University Square Mall, (Near Burlington)
Tampa, Florida 33612

Watch this video to see where The Box Improv Studio is located and where you should park.