Here’s what students have to say….

Andrew“Improv class-I came to the class thinking I needed to outclever everyone to be a success. That approach made me less creative in my performance and the whole scene would suffer. Crystal created an inviting atmosphere to feel comfortable with what could be created spontaneously. After that I felt like I was getting a much more rich experience out of the class and really began to understand improv.”-Andrew Springer

“Sometimes your work weeks can be very stressful. Improv class is a chance to let it all out, be goofy, and learn photosomething new at the same time. It’s the one thing you look forward to in your week.”-Tara Richardson

Hi I just wanted to share, I’m getting updates all from your student Savannah aka Miss Pinellas

Summer Level I Pic bimage

County who is at the Miss Florida Pageant this week. I just wanted to say, this class has been instrumental in helping her relax on stage, roll with a brutal schedule and constantly be in the spotlight. Tonight is her on-stage Question..I’m sure her Improv training will come in handy. Thanks again!-Relative of Miss Pinellas County

Thank you to Crystal for being an awesome teacher and for all my fellow Level II peeps for being a


great crew. We had a blast tonight, and it felt good to learn again that you folks can all help this old dog learn new tricks.-Don Speirs


Crystal is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in any subject and in any school.-Bob Swartz



Improv teaches us how to be ourselves, only a better version then we were yesterday.-IshRamjohn

Improv Class 3image

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